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Welcome to the home of the Battlefield 2: Project Reality clan, Ragnarok's Rangers! We are a paramilitary simulation group of skilled players and friends. Rather than pretending to be real warriors like most other groups, with strict wannabe rank structure and so on, we instead strive purely for efficiency and teamwork in gaming. We are also connected to the Ultima Online guild, Ragnarok's Knights, of which I, Ragnarok, am also leader.

Playing Tomorrow

Ragnarok1775, Oct 25, 12 5:45 PM.
We will be on tomorrow night around 8PM EDT. I hope most of you will be available and we can make a serious in-game presence.

48 Bot Co-op

=RR= Wrath228, Oct 20, 12 12:50 PM.
Last night our friends at Reality Warfare (who now run the 3-75 co-op server) listened to our suggestions after we discussed their VOIP issues and restarted the server with some tweaks. First, they set the first map in the rotation to Lashkar Valley, which is Germans vs. Taliban on my favorite map in the game (I still owe =RW= BattleGhost some "favors" for that one...). This map was played with 48 bots while we played with around 15 players near the start, most of them on Teamspeak since the VOIP wasn't working in-game.

After defending the German Main for a while, assault squad leader Ragnarok began moving us up. After several unsuccessful attempts to take Compound and a map restart, I decided to suggest a new strategy. Myself (an Automatic Rifleman), another AR and a Rifleman climbed a ridge to the west of Compound and began supporting. First we engaged the dozens of enemies in and around, also assisting the squad leader in adjusting the very effective mortar fire.

Eventually, after the Compound was successfully assaulted, it changed hands several times before Ragnarok gave us some .50 MGs to play with on the ridge. This assault proved to be the final straw, and the enemy advance was halted. We moved into West Village and set up a large number of machine guns and firing positions, then engaged in an intense firefight at the bridge between the two pieces of the village. After several flanking attempts, the day was eventually won as the enemy ran out of tickets.

Next was Qwai River, which was also fun if a bit more uneventful (except when Ghost used admin privileges to fly around as a green metallic ball).

Finally, my involvement in the night's festivities ended when I opened Battle for Qinling with a bayonet charge, managing to kill seven very confused bots before perishing.

Overall, I personally deem last night the most fun I've had with Project Reality ever. I'd like to give big thanks to our friends at Reality Warfare, including BattleGhost and TTech. You guys were awesome, and I look forward to the new server layout!

Training Schedule

Ragnarok1775, Oct 19, 12 5:56 PM.
At least once per month we will have a training day followed by at least one day of playing on a deployment server, and occasionally co-op servers as well. Understanding that everyone has real-life obligations, they will not all be mandatory, but we do expect everyone to show up to something at least once every other month. If you're not participating then what is the point of being part of this group?

Training days will be private server training in Infantry tactics only, on skirmish maps. An experienced member will lead the OPFOR team which will be mostly new and inexperienced players so they can get a feel for the game and learn about enemy weapons and capabilities.

The following day will usually be deployment, and we will make those arrangements at a set time and meet up in our TeamSpeak 3 server prior to playing. If we have more time, then the following day we will probably play in co-op to recruit new members.

The schedule will be posted on the calendar, in the library, and here:
November 17 (Saturday): Clan Training
November 18 (Sunday): Co-Op/Recruiting

December 8 (Saturday): Clan Training
December 9 (Sunday): Deployment

January 12 (Saturday): Clan Training
January 13 (Sunday): Co-Op/Recruiting

January 31 (Thursday): Clan Training
February 1 (Friday): Deployment
February 2 (Saturday): Co-Op/Recruiting
February 3 (Sunday): Deployment

March 2 (Saturday): Clan Training
March 3 (Sunday): Co-Op/Recruiting

April 6 (Saturday): Clan Training
April 7 (Sunday): Deployment

May 4 (Saturday): Clan Training
May 5 (Sunday): Co-Op/Recruiting

May 10 (Friday): Clan Training
May 11 (Saturday): Deployment
May 12 (Sunday): Co-Op/Recruiting

May 17 (Friday): Clan Training
May 18 (Saturday): Deployment

July 13 (Saturday): Clan Training
July 14 (Sunday): Co-Op/Recruiting

August 2 (Friday): Clan Training
August 3 (Saturday): Deployment
August 4 (Sunday): Co-Op/Recruiting

September 7 (Saturday): Clan Training
September 8 (Sunday): Deployment

Deployment and Training Server

Ragnarok1775, Oct 13, 12 12:21 PM.
We now have the capability to launch a public deployment and a private training server.


Ragnarok1775, Oct 5, 12 1:49 AM.
First, we would like to welcome those new players who recently joined our clan. Congratulations! I suggest you read in the library and elsewhere and broaden your knowledge.

Second, we finally got our server populated for some time, and played some extremely challenging matches on Ramiel and Karbala. We were greatly outnumbered by the AI which was set at a very high level of difficulty. We still did well, and I feel this has prepared us to move to Deployment.

I would like to discuss having scheduled events with everyone so that we can all play together on Deployment rather than with total strangers.

Excuse me if my typing seems odd. I've been awake for 21 hours.
We are always actively recruiting, but we do not take applications. If you want to be a part of the team, then you need to find us in-game, join our squad, and play with us to prove yourself. We don't do any of that fake BCT/AIT wannabe crap, we just want to see that you can work as part of a team and be the best you can be. That doesn't mean you need to be good at the game, just willing to learn. We don't take anyone with a strong history of teamkilling or other serious problems. You will need a microphone and the ability to understand English commands, but we don't really care about your conversational ability in the language.
There are no upcoming events.
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